Professional responsability
Safe processes, prevention, scientific knowledge, quality, ethics, team work, communication, honesty and engagement.
Social responsability
Humanization, warmth, trust, confidentiality, respect, familiarity and opportunity.
Environmental responsability
As a green institution, we are engaged with biosafety, waste management and the implementation of clean technologies.


We have the leading technology equipments in noise reduction.

Dental tourism

An option for foreign patients to know about our culture and at the same time to take care of their oral health. We have agreements with hotels nearby, for a comfortable and pleasant stay in the exclusive area of El Country. Due to our location, they are allowed to visit malls, restaurants and international category shops in the exclusive T Zone. Bogota has diverse cultural activities. It is home to important universities. It has specialized sites in night entertainment. In the same way parks, museums and its architecture deserve to be highlighted. Do not wait for your oral health to get complicated, everything has a solution in time. Leave it in our hands and we will help you. You can also visit Monserrate, Candelaria, Usaquen, Centro Internacional & Museums.

Guarantee and control

We have total control on our oral procedures, ensuring quality in our job and our patients safety.

I Care Web

A very useful web application. Besides, it is an easy way to complement your diagnosis and your treatment plan.

Sterilization processes

The sterilization processes are carried out under physical, chemical and biological controls.

Wi-Fi service

We offer Wi-Fi access for patients and visitors.

Cutting edge technology
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